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D-12 Islamabad

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Margalla hills define the geography, climate and beauty of Islamabad and nowhere is this definition more pronounced than in Sector D-12. Located at the foot of Margalla hills, this sector provides splendid views, evergreen foliage and an idyllic environment for luxury living. This sector was launched in 1996, but the pace of development, as well as that of habitation, has been very slow. When I first visited the area in 2012, I realized that this slow pace was actually a blessing in disguise. At a 10 minutes’ drive from zero point you reach a serene, heavenly location that you may call “Your Home”

Nature has gifted this area with an environment, all of its own. The majestic Margallas are ever present and overlooking all. D-12 is actually located adjacent to margalla hills, and no matter where you are, Margallas can be seen; In D12/2 & 3 they are literally across the road. The area towards north of D-12 constitute Margalla Hills National park and its lush green foliage adds to the splendor of this area.

The Margallas also account for the wind factor in D-12, which blows at all times. The wind too, like the mountains, is ever present, sometimes wild but always beautiful. That makes verandas, rooftop terraces, balconies etc. a mandatory design feature for any house.

The fact that too few houses have been built here so far, make the area feel, remote, wooded and even rural. It’s the only area in Islamabad where you find goats and cows roaming around freely. They come from small hamlets in the Margalla hills areas. Some scenic spots, like Sadhu's Retreat and small scale resorts around Budha Caves have also developed inside the margalla hills territory for day trips and just roaming around.

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