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Modern Courtyard House in Naval Anchorage Islamabad.

This video takes you on a detailed tour of this modern courtyard house in Naval Anchorage Islamabad, designed and Built by Montage Design Build. The total built up area is 5000 square feet and comprises of ground and first floor only. The unique features of the house are: 1. its a compact house accommodating 2 bedrooms, a living room combined with the dinning room, Family kitchen and a grease kitchen and laundry and a totally separate drawing room, on the Ground floor. The first floor comprises two bedrooms and 2 servants quarters with allied facilities. 2. It's an Energy Efficient house designed with thick external walls, (all external walls are 13.5" th), double glazed UPVC windows, adequate Insulation of the roof top finished with white terrazzo (white cement and white chips) to reflect off maximum heat. The house is running partially on Solar Energy. 3. The compact planning of this 1 Kanal House allows green spaces inside the built up area. This video shows a courtyard inside the house between living room and the Drawing room. This courtyard not only provides private garden for the family but also protects the most used areas of the house from western sun . The height and the placement of drawing room, provides privacy and protection while also restoring the age old tradition of this area where the mehmankhana would be outside the main house. So i hope you like our 1 kanal House design and will subscribe to our channel to watch more of our projects.

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