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Updated: Oct 26, 2020

Montage was established in 1998 comprising a team of young, enthusiastic Architects from NCA Lahore and abroad. For us designing was easy, but to see that design being devastated by the contractors and all others involved in actual execution of the project was a nightmare. After extensive initial hits and trials we realized that the only way to do it right is to “do it yourself”. So we started hiring individual craftsmen and construction workers and decided to be the Designers, contractors and project managers ourselves.

Now looking back at those 22 years journey I feel that was the absolute right thing to do. Montage Designbuild can today boast to be the best construction company in Islamabad for residential projects, bringing Architecture, Construction, Interior Design and Property Management, all under one roof. And it’s all because of the extensive and reliable resources we have developed in house along the way. We believe that the two most important challenges we face during construction are

  1. Quality of construction

  2. Cost of Construction

Quality of Construction

For us the basic principal for achieving quality in construction is that “there are no short cuts to quality”. You have to be involved and you have to do it right. We not only rigorously follow engineering standards but go an extra mile to ensure that every material and every resource that goes into the making of our projects follows performance standards as well. This requires

  • Going to the laboratories, testing the materials that we use for specified performance.

  • Visiting Factories and production houses to make sure that all procurement is up to the mark.

  • Constant Engagement with labor force, hiring the most talented masons and craftsmen, ensuring that the best hands are put to work.

  • Going an extra mile to retain our labor, knowing good craftsmen are always hard to find.

  • Professional supervision at every step along the way. We do not believe in subletting works, no matter how small. All our sites are managed by full time engineers/supervisors, who are in turn supervised by architects and structural engineers.

  • Testing sampling and mock-ups. We make sure that before taking any work to a bigger scale, samples are made, tested and mock-ups carried out, hence minimizing chances of failure.

Cost of Construction

The Quality Standards that we have set out for ourselves require that the best quality materials be used, and the proper procedures for each work be carried out, efficiently and diligently. Now that is not a market practice in Pakistan, especially in residential projects, putting us in an unfair competition. Nonetheless these high standards have earned us a solid reputation, bringing clients that want only the best for themselves

For Montage Design-build, construction cost estimations begin only after all designs are finalized. Hence the costing for first phase i.e. structure and services is completed only after Architecture design, Structure design and MEP Drawings are finalized. The cost estimation for second phase i.e. finishing is finalized once all interior finishes, designs and materials are finalized. Hence the project cost is fragmented, which again is not a market practice. By breaking down the construction process in two phases, we guarantee the Cost and minimize changes during execution.

Once construction is underway, it’s time for you to sit back and relax. We understand that our clients are busy people. We won’t waste your time, but we will keep you updated with weekly photos, Videos and Project Progress reports. We believe in transparency. When problems come up, we’ll let you know about them. And we will deal with them. Once construction is completed and we are satisfied that it meets our exacting standards, we schedule a final walk-through with you. If you notice any issues during the walk-through, we take care of them right away. We proudly back up our projects with a warranty program for up to one year and even afterwards if desired.

For Boutique Homes Islamabad this warranty is for 2 years and more.

Please visit for details

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