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Updated: Feb 15, 2023

Considering Islamabad’s beautiful four seasons, the rooftops on our homes can form perfect outdoor living areas year round. Summer Nights are cool and windy, making rooftop BBQ parties highly enjoyable. Whereas, Long, lazy winter evenings on rooftops — with a fireplace, are an absolute bliss. The mumty (allowed by bye-laws) can make an amazing gym with beautiful views and required seclusion. These chic outdoor areas can be used comfortably throughout the year. Browse images of outstanding exterior fireplaces and surrounding living areas to find inspiration for making the most of your outdoor space.

Creating green rooftops is an effective and easy way of utilizing the rooftops now. the special materials required for creating green spaces, like water proofing, geo-textiles etc are now easily available. If not all some parts of your existing rooftops can be converted in to a green area with grass and plants that do well in sun.

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