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  • D-12/2 (Boutique Home)

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  • G-6/3 Islamabad

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  • Honeycombing or segregation in concrete

    The concrete mainly consists of cement, gravel/ crushed aggregate, sand, water, and sometimes also chemicals to increase workability. Honeycomb is due to non-reaching of concrete to all places due to which cavities and hollow pockets are created, the main reasons are: 1. Improper vibration during concreting. 2. Less cover to reinforcement bars 3. Use of very stiff concrete (this can be avoided by controlling water as per slump test). 4. Places like the junction of a beam, to beam, to a column, and to one or more beams, are the typical spots where honeycombs are observed. This is due to the jumbling of reinforcement of beams and column rods at one place; special attention is required at such place during concreting and vibration. 5. The presence of a higher percentage of bigger size aggregate in concrete also prevents concrete to fill narrow spaces between the reinforcement rods. How to repair Reinforced concrete structures have failed within 20 or 30 years of their construction due to honeycombs, which is less than half their projected life. Especially no risk should be taken in case of columns, machine foundations, rafts, beams, etc., where breaking and recasting is the only way out. In case, honeycombs appear on surface the following sequence is to be followed Remove all loose and non-dense concrete parts until you reach a dense layer of concrete. Clean the steel reinforcement as well as you can Apply the concrete surface with Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) available with all construction chemical vendors. SBR bonds the old and new concrete, without creating any hairline cracks, which usually cause water seepage. It will not be out of context to point out that, contractors and their supervisors are in the habit of hiding honeycombs by applying a superficial layer of cement plaster on the honeycombs, hence site engineers must be very cautious. At places of the junction of columns and beams concrete with strictly ¾” and down aggregates should be used with slightly more water and cement to avoid honeycombs. Taping with a wooden hammer, the sides of shuttering from outside, during concreting, and vibrating will help to minimize honeycombs to a great extent in the case of columns and beams. Use of thinner needle say 1” or less with vibrator at intricate places of concreting will also help in reducing honeycombs. Honeycombs as a defect not only reduce the load-bearing capacity but water finds an easy way to reinforcement rods resulting in rusting and corrosion.

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  • PRECIOUS MARBLES | Montagedesignbuild

    Our desire for sustainability, innovation and creativity drives us far and wide in search of different building materials. One field where we have achieved great success and developed vibrant resources is Marble and Granite. We procure process and supply some of the most beautiful marbles found in Pakistan, and we do it with precision, making us the most dedicated Marble Suppliers in Islamabad. We offer a complete stone service from sourcing to fitting Contact Us Natural Stone is part of our Mother Earth... this is why it is so precious, this is why it must be used with respect and thankfulness. It is the most ancient of architectural materials, but industrial design has shown its new faces and potential. This is our passion, and this is what we will tell you about here, because stone design is something that really deserves to be talked about INSPIRATIONS IDEAS MARBLE FLOORING Get In Touch IDEAS LUXURY MARBLE BATHROOMS Get In Touch IDEAS LUXURY KITCHENS Get In Touch IDEAS ACCENTS Get In Touch

  • Architects in Islamabad Pakistan | Montage Designbuild

    Established 1998 ARCHITECTS IN ISLAMABAD MONTAGE DESIGNBUILD is a high end design-build practice. We offer turnkey service from concept to completion. Montage Designbuild is the only architectural firm in Islamabad to bring together in-house architects and Interior Designers, in parallel with in-house construction and project management teams, all under one roof. We employ in-house construction teams to execute our design vision in a tightly controlled and streamlined way. I t also ensures our high design standards are executed with equally high engineering standards. Having completed scores of high end residential design-build projects across Islamabad, we are specialists in residential projects of all scales. Our services are designed to provide clients with an experience that is completely unique. We remove the stress of a building project and the fear of working with builders. All residential projects are designed, built and managed by Montage Designbuild making us a unique and the best team of Architects in Islamabad. Luxury Home, DHA Phase 5, Islamabad 1000 sq. yards House Click here Luxury Home, F-10/4 Islamabad Plot Size 1000 square yards Click here Luxury Home, E-7 Islamabad Plot Size 1000 square yards Click here Luxury Home, F-6/1, Islamabad Plot Size 1500 square yards Click here Luxury Home F-6/2, Islamabad Plot Size 1600 square yards Click here Luxury Home DHA phase 2 Plot Area 1000 sq yds. Click here Compact Home, DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Plot Size 500 square yards Click here 1 Kanal House DHA Phase 2, Islamabad Plot Size 500 sq. yds. Click here Residential Interior Design, F-7/1 Islamabad Formal Drawing Room Click here Contact us

  • Home Builder in Islamabad | Boutique Homes | Montagedesignbuild

    FOR A DISTINCTIVELY CURATED LIFESTYLE Montage Designbuild has launched it's premier developments “Boutique Homes Islamabad” in 2019 We own exclusive plots throughout Islamabad with best locations. These properties are being developed for a curated lifestyle. With spacious and modern design, state of the art construction, modern conveniences and artful furnishing, all you have to do is “move in”. These plots are located in DHA, D-12 and Gulberg Greens. Find more at VISIT BOUTIQUE HOMES ISLAMABAD SECTOR D-12 10 MIN DRIVE FROM ZERO POINT D12 is located at the hem of Margalla Hills. Its proximity to Center of Islamabad, Lush green surroundings, and Amazing views of the margallas make it a very desirable Location PLOT SIZES: Book Now 200, 250, 500 & 600 SQ. YDS DHA-PH 2&5 25 MIN DRIVE FROM ZERO POINT DHA Islamabad is an Ideal Gated Community for a family house. Excellent Infrastructure, abundant amenities and affordability makes DHA Islamabad a #1 Destination PLOT SIZES: Book Now 250, 500 & 1000 SQ. YDS. GULBERG GREENS 15 MIN SIGNAL FREE DRIVE FROM ZERO POINT GULBERG GREENS offers lavish green living in the heart of Islamabad, Rawalpindi area. The Society is laced with state of the art Infrastructure, Modern Planning and Lush green surroundings. PLOT SIZES Book Now 2400, 3000 & 6000 SQ. YDS Contact Us SALIENT FEATURES OF BOUTIQUE HOMES All of the boutique properties are designed with the following salient features The architecture responds to the site and its context in an elaborate fashion…. soil tests of the site are conducted as the first step after procurement of land. The interiors are spacious and well lit. They are planned to lavishly cater for Personal and Social needs of the residents. Amenities include swimming pools, European brands (kitchen appliances, bathrooms fittings and fixtures), lighting fixtures, rooftop entertainment areas along with finely designed and executed green areas at all levels. Each living space comes with a view. If an extended natural view is not available as in urban areas, small inner gardens are created bringing greenery/ views into the house Energy efficient homes, with state of the art solar energy options Solid Sturdy construction, which is earth quake resistant. We make sure that proper engineering standards are followed throughout the process. All interior finishes as per your selection, to create a Luxury Home that you aspire for. Complete furnishing, with best quality local and imported furniture, soft furnishing and accessories as per client’s choice. All equipment and materials bear manufacturer’s warranty, plus a two year cost free Maintenance of the entire house ​ ​ These Luxury Houses in Islamabad come Hassle free. All you have to do is contact us and we will make the whole process, a breeze.

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