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  • D-12/2 (Boutique Home)

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  • G-6/3 Islamabad

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  • Honeycombing or segregation in concrete

    The concrete mainly consists of cement, gravel/ crushed aggregate, sand, water, and sometimes also chemicals to increase workability. Honeycomb is due to non-reaching of concrete to all places due to which cavities and hollow pockets are created, the main reasons are: 1. Improper vibration during concreting. 2. Less cover to reinforcement bars 3. Use of very stiff concrete (this can be avoided by controlling water as per slump test). 4. Places like the junction of a beam, to beam, to a column, and to one or more beams, are the typical spots where honeycombs are observed. This is due to the jumbling of reinforcement of beams and column rods at one place; special attention is required at such place during concreting and vibration. 5. The presence of a higher percentage of bigger size aggregate in concrete also prevents concrete to fill narrow spaces between the reinforcement rods. How to repair Reinforced concrete structures have failed within 20 or 30 years of their construction due to honeycombs, which is less than half their projected life. Especially no risk should be taken in case of columns, machine foundations, rafts, beams, etc., where breaking and recasting is the only way out. In case, honeycombs appear on surface the following sequence is to be followed Remove all loose and non-dense concrete parts until you reach a dense layer of concrete. Clean the steel reinforcement as well as you can Apply the concrete surface with Styrene-Butadiene Rubber (SBR) available with all construction chemical vendors. SBR bonds the old and new concrete, without creating any hairline cracks, which usually cause water seepage. It will not be out of context to point out that, contractors and their supervisors are in the habit of hiding honeycombs by applying a superficial layer of cement plaster on the honeycombs, hence site engineers must be very cautious. At places of the junction of columns and beams concrete with strictly ¾” and down aggregates should be used with slightly more water and cement to avoid honeycombs. Taping with a wooden hammer, the sides of shuttering from outside, during concreting, and vibrating will help to minimize honeycombs to a great extent in the case of columns and beams. Use of thinner needle say 1” or less with vibrator at intricate places of concreting will also help in reducing honeycombs. Honeycombs as a defect not only reduce the load-bearing capacity but water finds an easy way to reinforcement rods resulting in rusting and corrosion.

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  • Architects in Islamabad Pakistan | Montage Designbuild

    Established 1998 ARCHITECTS IN ISLAMABAD MONTAGE DESIGNBUILD is a high end design-build practice offering Turnkey solutions from Design, Construction to aftercare. We bring together in-house architects and Interior Designers, in parallel with in-house construction and project management teams, all under one roof. All this is done with the sole aim to execute our design vision in a tightly controlled and streamlined way. It also ensures our high design standards are executed with equally high engineering standards Having completed scores of high end residential projects in Islamabad, we specialize in residential projects of all scales. Our services are designed to provide clients with an experience that is truly unique. We remove the stress of building a home and the fear of working with contractors. Our professionals get involved with every little detail of the process and lead the way with sound knowledge and experience. ROW HOUSING G6-3 ISLAMABAD Plot size 1633 sq yards Click here Luxury Home, DHA Phase 5, Islamabad 1000 sq. yards House Click here Luxury Home, F-10/4 Islamabad Plot Size 1000 square yards Click here Luxury Home, F-6/1, Islamabad Plot Size 1500 square yards Click here BAHRIA ENCLAVE.jpg Click here Luxury Home F-6/2, Islamabad Plot Size 1600 square yards Click here Compact Home, DHA Islamabad Phase 2 Plot Size 500 square yards Click here 1 Kanal House DHA Phase 2, Islamabad Plot Size 500 sq. yds. Click here Residential Interior Design, F-7/1 Islamabad Formal Drawing Room Click here Out of gallery Contact us

  • CONSULT EXPERTS | Montagedesignbuild

    ​ Request a free Construction Consultation from our experts! Whether you are in the middle of a construction project or thinking to start a new one, for any consultation, technical advice, Design issue or contractual matters write to us and tell us more with pictures. We offer complimentary expert advice on all aspects of Design and Construction to any one faced with an issue ​ Our Experts: ​ Liaqat Hayat + 50 years experience in Building Industry ​ Muzaffar Ahmed + 50 years Experience in Design ​ Sadia Hayat +20 years Experience in Architecture Construction and Interiors ​ ​ ​ CONSTRUCTION SUPPORT Submit I want to subscribe to the newsletter. Thanks for submitting! Call/ Whats app Us DESIGN SUPPORT I want to subscribe to the newsletter. Submit Thanks for submitting! Request a free complimentary on-site design consultation from our experts! Please submit the form to the left to schedule your complimentary on-site design and architectural project consultation. Your consultation will address: ​ Your Goals for the Project Design and Architectural ideas Planning & Timeline Investment, Budgeting, and Financing Additional Details ​ We look forward to hearing from you! Submit the Form on The Left To Schedule Your Consultation Now! Join our mailing list Never miss an update Email Subscribe Now Contact Us

  • PRECIOUS MARBLES | Montagedesignbuild

    Our desire for sustainability, innovation and creativity drives us far and wide in search of different building materials. One field where we have achieved great success and developed vibrant resources is Marble and Granite. We procure process and supply some of the most beautiful marbles found in Pakistan, and we do it with precision, making us the most dedicated Marble Suppliers in Islamabad. We offer a complete stone service from sourcing to fitting Out of gallery Natural Stone is part of our Mother Earth... this is why it is so precious, this is why it must be used with respect and thankfulness. It is the most ancient of architectural materials, but industrial design has shown its new faces and potential. This is our passion, and this is what we will tell you about here, because stone design is something that really deserves to be talked about INSPIRATIONS IDEAS MARBLE FLOORING Get In Touch IDEAS LUXURY MARBLE BATHROOMS Get In Touch IDEAS LUXURY KITCHENS Get In Touch IDEAS ACCENTS Get In Touch Contact Us

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